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Develop a high-performing ‘hybrid’ (onsite / virtual) workplace

Working Virtually Is Here to Stay

Mitigate the challenges. Seize the benefits.

UGM’s recent research study, ‘Working From Home in a COVID Context‘, confirmed the following outcomes…


PowerHour tackles the challenge of building connection and develops the mindset, skills and behaviours that people need to thrive in a much more turbulent and virtual world. Short, sharp 60 minute ‘live virtual workshop‘ sessions prioritise interpersonal connection while focusing on a specific aspect of working effectively in rapidly changing and increasingly virtual contexts.

Benefits of PowerHour for a hybrid workplace

Respondents in UGM’s ‘Working From Home in a COVID Context‘ wanted to see more of the following skills/mindsets developed…

Use PowerHour to get ahead virtually

Mitigate the challenges. Seize the benefits.

  • Provide informal, virtual ‘water cooler’ opportunities to promote networks and build resilience.
  • Connect groups of up to 25 in supportive virtual workshops that facilitate networking across business lines and functions.
  • Ensure each connection opportunity is intentional but nevertheless quite informal.
  • Get well-being benefits from the social connection.
  • Acquire the insights, skills and behaviours that support a more agile mindset.
  • Develop the organisational culture essential for work in today’s fast-changing and largely virtual world.
  • Share immediately usable techniques that support productive business and personal outcomes.
  • Learn the mindset and skills that underpin success today and future adaptability.
  • Leave every PowerHour session with an actionable plan to implement at least one improved way of working within a week.
  • Agree to report actions and their impact to a PowerHour colleague.
  • Magnify the business impact from each PowerHour session by sharing new insights with at least 3 colleagues who weren’t there.


(Choose from a large menu of topics that best suit your own context)

We’ve arranged the example topics below according to the four desired skills/mindset themes that people in UGM’s ‘Working from Home in a COVID context‘ research study felt were needed. Each dot point represents a possible PowerHour session. These are indicative only, and many, many more variations are available, customisable to your own needs.

  • Use impact mapping to align priorities in your virtual team.
  • Design small, survivable experiments to encourage change agility.
  • Make your business planning more actionable with a powerful From-To tool.
  • Learn the decision-making approaches most suited to uncertain times.
  • Learn 5 tips for connecting and staying connected in a virtual context.
  • Introduce ‘peer mentoring’ techniques to help your team members support each other.
  • Create regular virtual ‘water cooler’ conversations that build informal networks.
  • Use dynamic listening skills to promote a sense of belonging.
  • Learn four ways you can ensure your virtual meetings deliver outcomes.
  • Make the most of technology to support thinking together virtually.
  • Master the facilitation secrets of great virtual meeting chairs.
  • Introduce disagreement protocols to make your meetings more dynamic and inclusive.
  • Set up your home office space to optimise virtual interactions.
  • Learn simple ways you can minimise distractions when working virtually.
  • Design an influence plan to keep your career progression on track.
  • Learn mindfulness techniques that reduce stress and increase resilience.


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